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The primary cilium at a glance
The primary cilium, which was first so named by Sergei Sorokin ([Sorokin, 1968][1]), is a solitary organelle that emanates from the cell surface of most mammalian cell types during growth arrest. Increasing evidence suggests that primary cilia are key coordinators
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Primary cilia and their role in cancer (Review)

Primary cilia in the cell cycle. During G0 and G1 primary cilia are assembled and function as important signaling hubs. When the cell enters the S phase, ciliary disassembly begins with the resorption of the cilium. This allows the centrioles to detach from the basal
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Structure and function of mammalian cilia

 · PDF 檔案688 Histochem Cell Biol (2008) 129:687–693 123 et al. (1988) then demonstrated that primary cilia on cul-tured kidney epithelial cells could be bent by Xow, and Wheatley (1995) suggested that if primary cilia in renal epithelia did not function properly in sensing Xow
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Initially, primary cilia were though as non-functional cilia. However, many receptor types and ion channels were found the ciliary membrane, so they were regarded as cell sensory structures. For example, olfactory receptors are found in cilia of their dendrites, and the external segments of rods and cones of the retin are actually modified cilia.
Controlling ventricular volume through ciliary beat frequency
Regulation of cilia abundance in multiciliated cells
A cell-intrinsic surface area-dependent mechanism establishes centriole-cilia abundance in airway multiciliated cells. Most of the key proteins involved in canonical centriole duplication play an essential role in both PC- and deuterosome-dependent centriole
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Primary cilia are sensory organelles that detect a wide range of extracellular signals for regulation of cell proliferation. Defects of their assembly/disassembly (primary ciliogenesis) and maintenance are linked to a variety of medical disorders. The signals they detect include mechano-signals from liquid flow, which requires a reversible bending property of the primary cilium axoneme. An
Is the Primary Cilium a Cell's Antenna or Its Brain

Molecular Pathways: The Role of Primary Cilia in Cancer …

Primary cilia, Hh signaling, and cancer The Hh pathway is an important regulator of cell growth and differentiation during development. Abnormal activation of the Hh pathway is critical for the development of many cancers, including glioblastoma, basal cell
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Airway epithelial cell cilia are motile cilia, but these cilia have sensory functions and can respond to mechanical and chemical stimuli [56,57,58,59]. In bronchial explants of human respiratory mucosa, ciliary activity was significantly influenced by chemical (pH) and physical properties (viscosity) of the liquid medium in which the cilia beat [ 60 ].
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 · For each ciliated cell in the body, there are between 100 and 200 cilia, each one anchored by another organelle known as the basal body. Constructed of hollow cylindrical microtubules, each basal body is arranged in the same orientation to allow the movement of fluid and particles to …
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 · The role for HNF-1beta-targeted collectrin in maintenance of primary cilia and cell polarity in collecting duct cells. Zhang Y(1), Wada J, Yasuhara A, Iseda I, Eguchi J, Fukui K, Yang Q, Yamagata K, Hiesberger T, Igarashi P, Zhang H, Wang H, Akagi S, Kanwar YS, Makino H.
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 · Multiple cilia-associated genes have been shown to affect hair cells in zebrafish (Danio rerio), including the human deafness gene dcdc2, the radial spoke gene rsph9, and multiple intraflagellar transport (IFT) and transition zone genes. Recently a zebrafish alms1 mutant was generated. The ALMS1 gene is the gene mutated in the ciliopathy Alström Syndrome a disease that causes hearing loss
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Cell motility cilia and flagella
CELL MOTILITY- CILIA AND FLAGELLA Allie N U, MSc biotechnology 2. INTRODUCTION Microscopic contractile and filamentous structure of cytoplasm. It create food currents, act as sensory organs and perform many mechanical functions of the cell. Cilia and flagella are identical structures but both can be distinguished by their number and function.
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Cilia are highly evolutionarily conserved, microtubule-based cell protrusions present in eukaryotic organisms from protists to humans, with the exception of fungi and higher plants. Cilia can be broadly divided into non-motile sensory cilia, called primary cilia, and motile cilia…


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