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TellSpell is a multilingual spell checking site where you can easily find the correct spelling of your word. Our database contains millions of words, together with advanced typo algorithms and common misspellings. While some words admit multiple spellings, some
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Correct Spelling – Correct English Words Spelling Speak the word or sentence in your mic and see its correct spellings on your screen. Download on Google Play Learn More What is this? Easy to use application for many languages. Finding the No need to
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 · But in the above two words, the spelling is different, yet the sound is the same for both. Yet for the sake of universal similarity in language one need to write it as coffee only and not otherwise. But in other languages like the above term coffee can be written by only two or a few letters and none can make a mistake, this is the specialty of languages with their own terminology and simple
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 · Study spelling rules and commonly misspelled words, then test your spelling skills by completing the following short exercises. In some cases, you will need to add a letter or two to complete the correct spelling of each word in parentheses.
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American and British English spelling differences
Many words, especially medical words, that are written with ae/æ or oe/œ in British English are written with just an e in American English. The sounds in question are /iː/ or /ɛ/ (or, unstressed, /i/, /ɪ/ or /ə/).Examples (with non-American letter in bold): aeon, anaemia, anaesthesia, caecum, caesium, coeliac, diarrhoea, encyclopaedia, faeces, foetal, gynaecology, haemoglobin
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Number of items: Correct Spelling: This game is to help you learn the correct spelling of some of the most common misspelled words in English. If you found this English spelling game useful, share it …
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 · Anonymous asked in Education & Reference Words & Wordplay · 9 years ago Whats the correct spelling of these words? 1: Myōō’zîk 2: mêzh’ er 3: dôr 4: read 5: pên’sel 6: glâr
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All the grammar you need to succeed in life . Free grammar & spell checker, articles, tutorials, vocabulary games and more! I must offer a long overdue thank you to It was in the early 2000’s that I had the pleasure of using this website. I was an avid
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Correct definition is – to make or set right : amend. How to use correct in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of correct. Verb I hate it when she corrects my grammar. Please correct your essay for punctuation errors. Our teacher hasn’t finished correcting our tests yet.
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These 15 words were taken from spelling bee competitions from around the world. 15 Qs Can We Get You to Spell for a While? Before you are 14 sentences that cannot be completed without the correct word, correctly spelled. Can you spell them all
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Misspelled words are underlined in red. To turn off the underline: Open a document in Google Docs. Click Tools Spelling Underline errors. The tick mark will disappear to show that it is off. Note: To ignore all existing instances of a spelling suggestion, right-click
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Free various types of educational resources for kids, jumble word puzzles, correct spelling words, practice exercise -1. Govt. Jobs Exams UIIC ASSISTANT RECRUITMENT CDS Exam Territorial Army Officers Exam INDIAN NAVY SAILORS SBI SME Exam NDA
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Similarly, if anyone who is communicating in English does not follow the correct way of spelling words they will not be recognised by the reader and his communication will be misunderstood. In English there are some abnormalities visible in spellings.


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