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CBSE Class 12 Commerce Accountancy Liquidity Ratios Complete Notes - CAKART
Debtor (Receivable) Days
 · The debtor (or trade receivables) days ratio is all about liquidity.The ration focuses on the time it takes for trade debtors to settle their bills. The ratio indicates whether debtors are being allowed excessive credit. A high figure (more than the industry average) may suggest general problems with debt collection or the financial position of major customers. The efficient and timely
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Debtor Collection Period = (Average Debtors / Credit Sales) x 365 ( = No. of days)(average debtors = debtors at the beginning of the year + debtors at the end of the year, divided by 2) Credit Sales are all sales made on credit (i.e. excluding cash sales)A long debtors collection period is an indication of slow or late payments by debtors.
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Receivables turnover ratio
Debtor collection period Cash flow Working capital References Last edited on 5 March 2017, at 10:54 Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. This page was last edited on 5 March 2017, at 10:54 (UTC). Text is available under the
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 · Debtor days is a way of indicating a business’s efficiency in collecting all of their money owed. In such cases, it will be beneficial for the company if their debtor days are lower. When the number of debtor days is high, it reflects on the company’s inefficiency.
Ratio analysis
6 ways to reduce your creditor / debtor days
6 ways to reduce your creditor / debtor days Improve the difference between paying creditors and being paid by debtors reducing the period you hold stock for and thus reducing working capital need. Many smaller businesses closer to our world have adopted
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What is the accounts receivable collection period?
To illustrate the accounts receivable collection period, let’s assume a corporation had net credit sales of $360,000 during the past year and its accounts receivable balance was on average $40,000. The average credit sales per day were approximately $1,000 per day ($360,000 of annual credit sales divided by 360 or 365 days per year).
Ratio analysis
 · PDF 檔案DEBTOR MANAGEMENT Purpose This will help with the collection of payments from clients. Many people find this task difficult to approach and put it off for a long time. It is important to remember that you don’t work for free, and in most cases clients have
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What Is an Aged Debtor?
 · Often, the modern collection of aged debtor accounts has a lot to do with following established procedures for debt collection. One of these is the contractual agreement; in many cases, a debtor and a lender have signed a specific contract that regulates debt collection and other aspects of …
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How Does a Company Reduce Average Collection Period?. If your company never seems to have enough cash on hand, the problem may not be a lack of sales. It could be delayed collections. When customers don’t get their payments to you on time, you have to
CBSE Class 12 Commerce Accountancy Liquidity Ratios Complete Notes - CAKART
What is the average collection period?
One calculation of the average collection period is to first determine the accounts receivable turnover ratio, which is $400,0000 divided by $40,000 = 10 times per year. Since there were 365 days during the recent year, the average collection period is 365 days divided by the turnover ratio of 10 = 36.5 days.
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Debtor collection period 825 365 6300 1125 365 6600 48 days62 daysOther working from ECONOMICS 103 at HSE This preview shows page 12 – 14 out of 19 pages.preview shows page 12 – …
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Reducing Debtor Collection Periods
Reducing debtor collection periods (without resorting to extreme measures!) REDUCING DEBTOR COLLECTION PERIODS (WITHOUT RESORTING TO EXTREME MEASURES!) When you first started out in business, how much of your day did you expect to spend
Ratio analysis

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