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Unrestrained retroelements in p53 − fish are integration-competent and... | Download Scientific Diagram

Retroelements: molecular features and implications for disease

 · PDF 檔案Genes Genet. Syst. (2013) 88, p. 31–43 Retroelements: molecular features and implications for disease Yi-Deun Jung †, Kung Ahn, Yun-Ji Kim, Jin-Han Bae, Ja-Rang Lee and Heui-Soo Kim* Department of Biological Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, Pusan
Endogenous Retroelements in Cancer: Molecular Roles and Clinical Approach | IntechOpen

Retroelements: Propagation and adaptation

Retroelements are genetic entities that exist in both DNA and RNA forms generated by cyclic alternation of transcription and reverse transcription. They have in common a genetic core (thegag-pol core), encoding conserved functions of a structural protein and a replicase. These are supplemented with a variety ofcis-acting nucleic acid sequences controlling transcription and reverse
Evolutionary history of LTR retroelements superimposed over the tree of... | Download Scientific Diagram
Retroviruses, retroelements and their restrictions
 · In particular, retroelements, transported by an intracellular copy-and-paste process involving an RNA intermediate, constitute a majority of these mobile genetic elements. Endogenous retroviruses, also called long-terminal-repeat (LTR)-type retroelements, are structurally similar to infectious retroviruses and constitute one class of these retroelements in a range of mammalian species.
Mammalian Retroelements

Reactivation of Endogenous Retroelements in Cancer …

Domesticated retroelements contribute extensively as regulatory elements within host gene networks. Upon germline integration, retroelement mobilization is restricted through epigenetic silencing, mutational degradation, and innate immune defenses described as the viral mimicry response. Recent discoveries reveal how early events in tumorigenesis reactivate retroelements to facilitate onco
Coevolution of retroelements and tandem zinc finger genes — Coevolution of retroelements and tandem zinc finger genes — Coevolution of ...
“Retroelements” is a descriptor in the National Library of Medicine’s controlled vocabulary thesaurus, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings). Descriptors are arranged in a hierarchical structure, which enables searching at various levels of specificity.
Phylogenetic analysis of Ty1-copia retroelements. A) 269 sequences... | Download Scientific Diagram

The enemy within: endogenous retroelements and …

 · Figure 3: Model by which coevolution with endogenous retroelements shapes the DNA-sensing pathway. Figure 4: Therapeutic strategies for mitigating cell-intrinsic activation of …
Footprint of APOBEC3 on the Genome of Human Retroelements | Journal of Virology

Islands of retroelements are major components of …

 · Retroelements are also found at the centromeres of fungi [], humans [], marsupials [], bats [], and gibbons [], suggesting that they may be common centromeric features (). Our study shows that retroelements, particularly G2/Jockey-3 , are not merely present near centromeres but are components of the active centromere cores through their association with CENP-A.
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Widespread and tissue-specific expression of …

 · Endogenous retroelements (EREs) constitute about 42% of the human genome and have been implicated in common human diseases such as autoimmunity and cancer. The dominant paradigm holds that EREs are expressed in embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and
Transcriptional activities of retroelements in the fourth instar nymphs... | Download Scientific Diagram

The Ro60 autoantigen binds endogenous retroelements …

Endogenous retroelements were recently shown to activate humoral immune responses in mice (), and aberrant accumulation of retroelements contributes to two human genetic diseases with features of SLE: Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome and familial chiblain).
Endogenous MOV10 inhibits the retrotransposition of endogenous retroelements but not the replication of exogenous retroviruses | Retrovirology ...
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Coevolution of retroelements and tandem zinc finger genes

DUX4 Activates Germline Genes, Retroelements, and …

Reactivation of retroelements can result in genomic instability (Belancio et al., 2010 Belancio V.P. Roy-Engel A.M. Deininger P.L. All y’all need to know ’bout retroelements in cancer. Semin. Cancer Biol. 2010; 20: 200-210 Crossref PubMed Scopus (126)
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Endogenous retroelement activation by epigenetic …

 · During millions of years, endogenous retroelements have remained transcriptionally silent within mammalian genomes by epigenetic mechanisms. Modern anti-cancer therapies targeting the epigenetic machinery awaken retroelement expression, inducing anti-viral responses that eliminate tumors through mechanisms not completely understood. Here we find that massive binding of …
DNA polymorphism using retroelements of common bean plants grown under... | Download Scientific Diagram

Mov10 suppresses retroelements and regulates …

Mov10 suppressed retroelements in the nucleus by directly inhibiting complementary DNA synthesis, while cytosolic Mov10 regulated cytoskeletal mRNAs to influence neurite outgrowth. We verified this important function by observing reduced dendritic arborization in hippocampal neurons from the Mov10 heterozygote mouse and shortened neurites in the Mov10 knockout Neuro2A cells.


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