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Saison Yeast Strains
I am preparing for this summer’s Saison throwdown. Even though the style is one of the least clearly defined in terms of grain bill, color, alcohol content, etc., the yeast is the one ingredient that makes the saison unique. Looking up saison yeast strains, I was
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Belle Saison yeast

Belle Saison is an ale yeast of Belgian origin selected for its ability to produce great Saison-style beer. The propagation and drying processes have been specifically designed to deliver high quality beer yeast that can be used simply and reliably to help produce ales
LalBrew® Belle Saison Yeast - 11 g. 2.55
Belle Saison Belgian Ale Yeast (Lallemand) – 11 g
Belle Saison is an ale yeast of Belgian origin selected for its ability to produce great Saison-style beer. It is a quick starter and a vigorous fermenter, and has a high attenuation and alcohol tolerance. Cooling is generally not used in this style of beer, temperature is
Belle Saison Yeast - M27
Danstar – Belle Saison Yeast – Yeast
Danstar – Belle Saison Yeast. Dry Ale Yeast with Low flocculation from Danstar. Attenuation: 80% Alcohol Tolerance: High Temperature: 63 – 75 °F
Lallemand Belle Saison dry yeast | Pruulikeskus
Saison without “saison yeast”
 · My Saison with 3726 was OG = 1.064 and FG = 1.007. That beer tasted dry enough for me and I really like the yeast produced flavors; I would describe that them as fruity/spicy/earthy (in that order). I really wish that Wyeast would make this a year around yeast
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Rice Saison Lager
For the Saison yeast, Fonta Flora uses a blend of Dupont and LaChouffe that they get from BSI. To restrain the blend’s Belgian characteristics, they ferment slowly and cool at 64 F (18 C), which is below the recommended temperature. Because of the lower primary

Diastaticus yeasts and their role in your beer – The …

If Diastaticus yeast has been used in primary fermentation (for example brewing a Saison beer) allow fermentation to fully complete before further processing and packaging, which could include allowing additional conditioning time to ensure complete attenuation.
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Traditional Saison yeast from a French craft brewery. Strong attenuator that produces a dry beer with a beautiful fragrance and the traditional Saison taste of fruit and pepper. ATTENUATION: 81%
Danstar Belle Saison Yeast
Commercial Strains
Imperial Yeast is excited to announce our East Coast location! Our 10 guaranteed In-Stock strains are available to ship from Philadelphia, PA to our commercial customers located east of the Mississippi River. Call or Email today for more information.
LalBrew® Belle Saison Dry Yeast (Danstar)
LalBrew® Belle Saison Belgian Style Ale Yeast
Belle Saison is an ale yeast of Belgian origin selected for its ability to produce great Saison-style beer. Free shipping over $59. Used this in a 5 gal. batch. 100% Dingmans Pilsner Malt, low & slow beta sach rest + mashout. 90 min. boil w/ magnum at 90, 1 oz EKG
Belle Saison Ale Yeast 11 g

Under Pressure: Airlock vs. Foil With Saison Dupont Yeast …

 · If there’s one style of beer I expect to be dry as a bone and endlessly crushable, it has to be Saison. To me, there’s no other example that hits this mark better than Saison Dupont, a crisp and refreshing beer that derives its unique peppery flavor from the signature yeast used to ferment it, a yeast lauded for its classic heritage yet loathed by some for being a finicky fermenter.
Danstar Belle Saison Yeast - 11 g - Each
Lille Saison Yeast
French Saison’s a top fermenting ale yeast with a distinctive dry, peppery and citrus farmhouse ale vibe. Designed to work with maltose and simple sugars, it has high attenuation and can reach abv’s of up to 11%. It’ll finish off nice and clear too with good


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