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Vol.11 Watches with nicknames: Part 2
Kishino: Next, let’s compare the Samurai watch, which I examined in the previous discussion, and the Shogun watch. The cases of both watches have unique surface designs. The Samurai has a bold surface design, like it’s been slashed a couple of times with a sword and had parts sliced off, but the Shogun also has its edges chamfered to remove sharp corners, and has surfaces with a beautiful
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Why Do So Many Seiko Watches Have Crazy Nicknames?

“Shogun” dive watch’s nickname suggests its “Japaneseness,” but also reflects fans’ regard for it as a “high-ranking” diver: a shogun was a military dictator in feudal Japan. With its traditional design, the Shogun watch is like a premium version of Seiko’s
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Seiko Shogun Watch SBDC131

Prospex SBDC131 Seiko JDM Diving Shogun White Dial Male Automatic Watch Fast Shipping Singapore Korea Brunei Taiwan USA Canada Australia NZ …
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the 20 Best Seiko Watches of All-Time
4. Seiko Shogun Prospex Dive Watch This Divers watch is a number SBDC029. It’s one of the most popular dive watches under $1,000. Although not an inexpensive watch, it is highly desired for its attractive aesthetic and high degree of functionality.
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Seiko Prospex SBDC129 Shogun Divers Titanium JDM …

Seiko Prospex Shogun Black Dial Male Watch SBDC129 Note: This model cannot be shipped to Japan. Description: Seiko Prospex Shogun Series 200m Water Resistance Black Dial Titanium Case and Strap Magnetic Resistance With Date Function Sapphire
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Seiko SKX009 – Before the Shogun this was my go-to daily beater that I could really rely on. A moderate sized watch it sits on my wrist perfectly in terms of size, and its weight is wonderfully balanced providing a comfortable wear. At +5 seconds per day it’s

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Seiko Monster, Seiko Tuna, Seiko PADI, Seiko Turtle, Seiko Mini Turtle, Seiko Pogue, Seiko Sumo, Seiko Samurai, Seiko Shogun. If you Seiko watch is not listed above, please still get in …
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Seiko Prospex Shogun Black Dial Male Watch SBDC129 Note: This model cannot be shipped to Japan. Description: Seiko Prospex Shogun Series200m Water ResistanceBlack DialTitanium Case and StrapMagnetic ResistanceWith Date FunctionSapphire
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Secondly the weight of the watch. The watch arrived at over 200 grams, and with 4 links out settles in at 180 grams. Because of the size of the watch, 43mm, it makes the watch too heavy. If Seiko made this into a 38-40mm, I would be much happier, but as it
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5 Best Seiko Chronograph Watches For Every Lifestyle
The Watch Company, TWC Japan brand watch shop features a huge selection of Rolex Watches, Omega Watches, Hublot Watches, Zenith Watches, Tag Heuer, Seiko, Citizen, and other watches at discounted prices. Our shop is located in Tokyo Nakano which is
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Seiko SPB189 Dive Watch Has Sharp Hands And A …

The Seiko SPB189 dive watch is just about as clean and functional an adventure tool as the modern frogman could ask for. With its sharp, highly-legible hands, and warm, contrasting bezel insert, this one has the potential to be a subtly satisfying daily wear that keeps on giving long after it leaves the box in favor of your wrist.
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There’s a Great Seiko Dive Watch for Every Budget

The Seiko “Sumo” truly feels like a serious dive watch and a big brother to the Turtle and Samurai. It’s also got a more mature, conservative look, with only a date display (no day of the week), a cyclops, refined finishing, solid construction and sapphire crystal.
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Seiko SBDC029 Watch Parts 6R15-01D0 Prospex …

On this page we sell various original watch parts for the Seiko Shogun Prospex Master Series SBDC029 & SBDC007, like the hour hand, minute hand, bezel, crown & watch band. Related case numbers: 6R15-01D0, 6R15 O1DO Related models: SBDC029J


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