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Radio 101
In this episode of Radio 101, Anthony from Buy Two Way Radios explains what squelch is and how it works. This entry was posted in Marine Radios , Business Radios , CB Radios , Consumer Radios , Mobile Radios , Radio 101 , Ham Radios and tagged walkie-talkies , squelch , walkie-talkie on January 28, 2013 by Rick .
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Squelch in ISM-RF Receivers
 · PDF 檔案Radio Squelch Squelch is the process of removing unwanted background noise from a receiver in a way that allows for a strong signal to be decoded while weak signals near the level of the receiver’s sensitivity are rejected. A common example is available on
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Squelch is a funny word that is familiar to many of us without understanding what it really means. Hard to improve on the definition beyond that in the Technician license exam question: Most useful when using voice modes (phone), squelch makes radio operation
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What is the function of tone key squelch and receiver …

Receiver: Squelch One additional circuit that is important to proper receiver behavior is called “squelch” or muting. The function of this circuit is to mute or silence the audio output of the receiver in the absence of the desired radio signal.
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Squelch Circuit Technology in Wireless Audio Systems

Noise Squelch: One refinement of the standard squelch circuit is referred to as noise squelch. This technique relies on the fact that the audio from undesirable radio noise has a great deal of high frequency energy compared to a typical audio signal.
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What does squelch mean on airband radios?
With the radio on and set to a specific frequency, turn the squelch down until you hear the noise, then turn it up slowly until the noise stops. This will be the ideal squelch/threshold setting
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What does Squelch do on SINCGARs?
 · It’s not much different than the squelch on other conventional radios. It tells the radio what the noise floor is. Everything above that can be considered signal. With HF AM and SSB transmissions, most of the noise is atmospheric and comes in with the radio signal.
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Wat Is Squelch in Radio?
Tone squelch wordt gebruikt in ham radio repeaters, waardoor ham radio-operators om te praten over grotere afstanden door ontvangen en vervolgens “herhalen” hun signaal. De meeste repeaters gebruiken wat wordt genoemd een “PL Toon,” een sub hoorbare Toon die samen met het signaal van de stem moet worden verzonden wanneer een ham radio-operator probeert te openen van een repeater.
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Urban Dictionary: squelch tail

The squelch tail occurs when the transmission has just ended and the radio circuitry doesn’t respond quite fast enough. This is remedied by systems like STE or Squelch Tail Elimination by Motorola which send a brief subaudible tone right before the end of the transmission so that the audio circuit turns off before the modulated signal ends.
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equipment operation
I have a radio with a really horrible squelch. When the knob is all the way to most sensitive, the squelch has problems, the noise is not constant, the noise comes on and goes off. When the antenna is disconnected, I hear the noise when the squelch is at the most
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Squelch button
Squelch is widely used in two-way radios to suppress the annoying sound of channel noise when the radio is not receiving a transmission. Favorite Answer The FCC RULES require that you MONITOR THE FREQUENCY before you TRANSMIT.. the Mon (itor) button is to defeat the squelch so you can hean the OPEN CHANNEL so you don’t start talking.
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Use Squelch in a sentence
19. Squelch When a girl is on her period and all of the sudden she can feel this flow of juices (blood). It is normally silent but it is the most disgusting feeling in the world20. Squelch verb (SOUND) [ I usually + adv/prep ] to make a sucking sound like the one produced when you are walking on soft, wet ground: He got out of the car and Squelched through the mud to open the …
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Essentially, squelch is a specialized type of noise gate designed to suppress weak signals. Squelch is used in two-way radios and VHF/UHF radio scanners to eliminate the sound of noise when the radio is not receiving a desired transmitter. Also see “Squelch


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